Desktop & Laptop Repair

Laptop & Desktop Repair Services

When the worst happens and your computer breaks down you’ll be pleased to know there’s a local company that can help. We can repair almost all the faults you’re likely to encounter with your laptop or desktop. We can replace screens, repair power sockets, fix overheating issues and any software issue ranging from virus infections to windows just refusing to load. You can also be assured that any data you require wont be lost while we carry out any of these repairs.

What We Can Repair

Blue Screens
Broken Screens
Virus Infections
Software Errors
Faulty Hardware
Hard Drive Errors

Fast Repair & Free Advice

We can normally repair your device within 48 hours. You can phone, email or visit us and discuss your problem. We are usually able to give you a very good estimate at what its likely to cost to repair, upgrade or fix right there and then. We offer the best best prices in surrey so why not contact us now.

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